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/health/ - healthSuggestions for a healthy life01529
/truth/ - truthmemes sometimes speak truth001109
/funny/ - funnyFunny stuff, you'll laugh001034
/startrek/ - startrekAnything Star Trek 00751
/stolen/ - stolenMemes stolen from other places00573
/puppers/ - dogsAnythings dog related00560
/randos/ - randosQuotes from random nobodies00453
/music/ - musicAnything Music00388
/photography/ - photographyGeneral photography00359
/comics/ - comicsAll genre of Comics00275
/tech/ - techIT memes00234
/lolcats/ - meowLOL cats00176
/sports/ - sportsSPORTS BALL!!!!00173
/dreamhome/ - dream homefancy house ideas00171
/infogfx/ - infogfxInformation Graphics00159
/dank/ - weedShow off your stash!00154
/wtf/ - wtfWhat The F00106
/animals/ - animalsAll about the animals00104
/english/ - englishThe English language0095
/reaction/ - reactionReaction and Rseponse0090
/4box/ - 4box4 Box Comics0084
/astrology/ - astrologyThe stars and their alignments0078
/nature/ - natureNature is pretty0059
/faith/ - faithAnything religious or spiritual0057
/starwars/ - starwarsAnything Star Wars0056
/military/ - militaryAnything or anyone’s military 0052
/space/ - spacePictures of or from Space0052
/gq/ - gqGood Question0050
/guns/ - pew pew pewGUNS AND MORE GUNS!!!!0044
/history/ - historyreal history in memes0043
/drugs/ - drugseverything else than weed0035
/cars/ - carscar pictures0034
/work/ - workmemes about work0033
/originals/ - originalmemes sourced from this site0028
/science/ - scienceScience Rules0026
/recipes/ - recipesFollow us for more0023
/profpix/ - profpixProfile pictures0023
/abplaces/ - Abandoned Placesplaces that have been abandoned0013
/mt/ - mtmeme templates0010
/bugs/ - bugsBugs and Insects0010
/backgrounds/ - backgroundsPossible backgrounds for desktop and mobile009
/thwg/ - THWgToo Hell With georgia!!008
/illusion/ - illusionOptical Illusions008
/tattoo/ - tattootattoo art006
/bffb/ - BFFBBanned From Face Book006
/fantasy/ - fantasyFantasy stuff005
/conspiracy/ - conspiracyConspiracy Theories005
/fish/ - fishAnything from the sea003
/goatse/ - goatseRandom occurances of Goatse001
/graffitti/ - graffittiGraffitti Everyone000
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