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/guns/ - pew pew pewGUNS AND MORE GUNS!!!!001055 days ago
/tattoo/ - tattootattoo art001035 days ago
/toys/ - childhood ruinedclassic or inappropriate toys00981 month ago
/starwars/ - In a galaxy far, far away.these are the memes you're looking for00975 days ago
/birds/ - tweet twetall about birds00976 hours ago
/pf/ - Pretty Flowers images of flowers 00945 days ago
/books/ - readBooks, books and more books00775 days ago
/drugs/ - dopeall sorts of drugs00765 days ago
/profpix/ - Profile PicturesSocial media profile pictures00731 month ago
/abplaces/ - somewhereabandoned places007310 minutes ago
/astrology/ - zodiacthe sun and the moon00673 months ago
/blm/ - everydayBlack Lives Matter00651 month ago
/ballin/ - luxury and wealthbling bling balling out of control00645 days ago
/originals/ - Redd T Pandamemes made here006210 months ago
/nft/ - collectablesNon-Fungible Tokens00552 months ago
/conspiracy/ - tin foil hatthe truth is out there00505 days ago
/texas/ - Deep in the heart ofA place as big as TX deserves its own board00425 days ago
/beer/ - drink upit makes me a jolly good fellow00415 days ago
/2020/ - hindsight ismemes from the year of hell00404 months ago
/gore/ - disgustingdisturbing content00385 days ago
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