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/truth/ - truthmemes sometimes speak truth0018592 days ago
/funny/ - funnyFunny stuff, you'll laugh0013042 days ago
/startrek/ - startrekAnything Star Trek 008842 days ago
/puppers/ - dogsAnythings dog related007852 days ago
/health/ - healthSuggestions for a healthy life007823 weeks ago
/dreamhome/ - dream homefancy house ideas007052 days ago
/stolen/ - stolenMemes stolen from other places006492 days ago
/randos/ - randosQuotes from random nobodies005752 days ago
/music/ - musicAnything Music005112 days ago
/photography/ - photographyGeneral photography003912 days ago
/comics/ - comicsAll genre of Comics003783 days ago
/tech/ - techIT memes002782 days ago
/lolcats/ - meowLOL cats002152 days ago
/sports/ - sportsSPORTS BALL!!!!002132 days ago
/dank/ - weedShow off your stash!001912 weeks ago
/infogfx/ - infogfxInformation Graphics001823 days ago
/wtf/ - wtfWhat The F001703 days ago
/animals/ - animalsAll about the animals001602 days ago
/english/ - englishThe English language001083 days ago
/reaction/ - reactionReaction and Rseponse001022 days ago
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